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Recent Project (2010-9-6):




Lockers and Go Home Project

Both of my projects at the Taipei Biennial 2010 (TB10), Go Home and Lockers, take the museum as the backdrop to redefine the relationships between art, museums, art works, artists, and audiences. Go Home is a site “artist” and “audience” can exchange their roles. I place the audience (through the creative process) in an equal position with the artist, stressing exchange while drawing attention to spontaneous encounters in the creative process to make the finished product a variable. Lockers is an installation of office furniture in the exhibition space whose functionality undermines assumptions that objects placed in an art museum automatically become works of art. It stresses that each individual has the capacity for aesthetic judgment; the elevation of an object from everyday life to the level of a work of art thus depends on the will and orientation of the artist (the viewer).